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With 40+ years of experience, we believe art is important, and needs to be encouraged, as well as preserved. We treat each piece with equal respect, whether it's a valuable painting, a simple poster or a child's finger painting.

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Handmade comb with custom box.
Victor Lodato.  Photo credit to Francois Robert.


HONEY By Victor Lodato

“Utterly enchanting. A deeply human novel that sings the song of life itself. What a brilliant feat of empathy, style, and transcendent beauty—Lodato has created a true original in Honey.” — Mona Awad, author of Bunny
“Rarely in literature—rarely in our lives—do we encounter someone like Honey Fasinga: fierce, complicated, and out-of-this-world sharp both inside and out. I cried, laughed, and screamed while reading this novel. Weeks after finishing, I am still looking for Honey everywhere. Victor Lodato’s Honey belongs in the halls of other legendary, unforgettable characters. This novel can rightfully be called a masterpiece.” — Javier Zamora, New York Times bestselling author of Solito
'Ilaria “Honey” Fasinga is free-spirited, fashion-conscious, vain, and wounded; through her story of returning to the hometown she fled as a teenager, Lodato deftly explores such themes as the value and cost of artifice, the toxicity of keeping family secrets, and the ways in which even an elegant, independent woman must negotiate the indignities and shrinking options of old age. I’ll not soon forget Lodato’s extraordinary heroine or her captivating life story.' — Wally Lamb, New York Times #1 Bestselling author of I'll Take You There
'Every woman is free to invent her own apocalypse,” says Honey Fasinga, the stylish heroine of Victor Lodato’s new novel. Honey knows where the bodies are buried—she helped bury some of them—and at eighty-two she is still figuring out how to defend herself and those she loves against the dangerous bullies of this world. This novel is a wonder of strange kindnesses, unthinkable cruelties, and familial fracture. A sharply funny, searingly wise story about the way that a life lived on its own terms is the ultimate art form. Irrepressible and romantic, empathetic but refreshingly unsentimental, and ultimately unforgettable—like its heroine, Honey is a true original' — Bonnie Jo Campbell, National Book Award Finalist and NYT Bestselling author of Once Upon A River
“Lodato skillfully brings to life a haunting and irresistible character who is as complex as she is charming.” — Washington Post, '10 Noteworthy Books'
“Honey isn’t one of these frail wraiths who sip tea and shuffle in worn slippers. Honey subsists on Viognier and Valium and slips on Louboutins just to run to the grocery store.…a feisty heroine readers will embrace as an octogenarian with attitude to spare.” — Booklist
'Lodato exhibits a gift for excitement in his stimulating tale' — Publishers Weekly
'Lodato has written a stunning novel that begs for readers.' — Library Journal (starred review)
'[An] entertaining, Sopranos-esque mix….this tough/tender saga of homecoming exudes warmth and brio.” — Kirkus Reviews
“Step aside, Olive Kitteridge. There’s a new woman in town who’s difficult but loveable, complex and, in this case, fabulous. It’s Honey Fasinga.” — Minnesota Public Radio's 'Ask a Bookseller'

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