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Bend In The Wash: The Rancho Linda Vista Artist Community

by Paul Gold

Bend in the Wash  is a new book about the Rancho Linda Vista (RLV) artist community, located in Oracle, Arizona. This book took fifteen years to write and is the first comprehensive publication about RLV. Bend in the Wash is a vivid pastiche of stories and history that chronicles the ranch, the people, their lives, and art, spanning over fifty years, from the RLV founding to present day.

In 1968, ten families scraped up $1,000 each for the down payment on an old guest ranch in Oracle, Arizona. What began as a bunch of hippies with a 1960s vision of living in a place to “do their own thing” would eventually evolve into a magical aperture, a place through which a great many artists and poets would pass. The families and individuals that live in Rancho Linda Vista today are the descendants of the original idealists that followed RLV founder Charles Littler into the desert, north of Tucson, Arizona. Paul Gold has written an eclectically researched homage to the dreams of a community, people who shaped their own lives, broken away from their parents’ lifestyles and conventions. The oneness of the Rancho Linda Vista community is reflected in its past and future, described by its people. Bend in the Wash sheds light on generations of nonconformists who created a sustained way of living, weaving art into life.

ISBN-13 978-0-578-74575-6

Publisher: Tubecat LLC

Publication date: December, 2020

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 256 pages (242 numbered pages)

Printing: Limited run of 250 copies

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

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